The CorroDec®2G sensor system series is based on the RFID principle. This means that the sensors do not require any power supply or data transfer cables. Instead, the energy for the sensors is supplied by the reader. Furthermore, the data is transferred simultaneously when a sensor is activated taking only 3 to 5 seconds to collect and evaluate the data of a sensor.


  • High mechanical stability
  • Small and handy
  • One-handed operation
  • Standard reading range up to 0.4 inch (10 cm)
  • Advanced reading range up to 1.5 inch (40 cm)
  • Permanent data storage of up to 1,000 sensors
  • Wireless transmission (WLAN) of data to a computer
  • Immediate display of the detected data regarding the status (sensor detected + sensor OK)
  • The functionality of the sensors can be checked with the reader before, during, and after installation.
The functionality of the sensors can be checked with the reader before, during, and after installation.
Our external antenna unit can be used for greater installation depths, allowing installations up to 25 meters



  • Proprietary Sensors and Gateways
  • Narrow Band (NB) IoT technology. upgradeable 5G/6G
  • Our gateways use RFID technology to read the unique wireless and passive sensors
  • Gateway’s power sources are tailored to customers’ needs, i.e., cable, batteries, and/or solar
  • Data transmission via NB-IoT technology enables cost-efficient online monitoring
  • Secure/encrypted data transfer (proprietary conversion)
  • Fully scalable
  • Online remote access

Web-based portal

Server infrastructure, Data hub, data conversion, and web-based data visualization provided by InfrastructureTek:

  • Accurate real-time data display (corrosion and humidity levels).
  • Multi-project usability/applicability
  • Interactive data with analysis dashboard
  • Customized reporting (Full PDF and CVS reporting)
  • Inventory and maintenance intervals are easily managed.
  • Proprietary offline software is available.
  • Variety of manual readers
  • Automatic alarm functionality

Platform / Visualization

  • Web-based or via interfaces

  • Full transparency and tailored overview

  • 24h online available

  • Trend analysis

  • Alarm function

  • Push notification

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