Wireless Embedded Sensor Technology for Long-Term Corrosion Detection and Prediction

In today’s rapidly evolving built environment, ensuring the safety, durability, sustainability, and resilience of our infrastructure is of utmost importance. One of the major challenges faced by structural and facilities engineers is the detection and prevention of corrosion-induced deterioration in reinforced concrete structures…

Discover the Future of Building Materials: Smart Concrete

Bridges are essential links in road networks. Any undetected structural weakness can quickly become a threat to their operation and the safety of road users. The ageing of a large stock of concrete structures around the world, subject to aggressive environments and ever-increasing traffic loads, requires adopting a different approach to better maintain and preserve them…

How to ensure long-term safety and operation of bridges over the years?

Ensuring the long-term operational safety of bridges is of paramount importance. These vital components of our road networks must be meticulously maintained to safeguard the well-being of road users and guarantee uninterrupted transportation flow. With a significant portion of the world’s concrete bridges aging and enduring the effects of harsh environmental conditions and increasing traffic demands, a fresh approach to maintenance and preservation is imperative…



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